About Russell Quarries & Transport

Russell quarry TruckC.W. & E.J. Russell and Sons are a local, family-owned organisation which was founded in 1958 by owners Claude and Evel Russell. With the organisation now passed onto a third generation, we offer extensive industry experience, coupled with high quality service and products to the local area.

Whilst initially specialising in transport and earthmoving around the South East region, our organisation soon began to grow with the opening of Pine Mountain Quarry which started operation in 1968. Pine Mountain Quarry is now a strong supplier in the Ipswich region with our quality material being supplied to numerous local councils, as well as local landscaping yards.

In order to broaden our range of products, C.W. & E.J. Russell and Sons took on a Red Jasper Quarry which is located in Stanthorpe, Qld.


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